[THEATRUM PICTORIUM] David TENIERS - 133... - Lot 229 - Morel de Westgaver

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[THEATRUM PICTORIUM] David TENIERS - 133... - Lot 229 - Morel de Westgaver
[THEATRUM PICTORIUM] David TENIERS - 133 engravings from the "Theatrum Pictorium". [Brussels, David Teniers II, 17th c.]. The engravings, of variable dimensions, have been partially fixed on old laid paper. Size of the leaves: 458 x 304 mm, in sheets. in an old blue paper folder. 133 engravings distributed on 94 plates. Religious or profane subjects. We have 37 engravings by Jan van Troyen, 32 by Lucas Vorsterman, 19 by Pieter Lisebetten, 14 by Coryn Boel, 14 by Theodor van Kessel, 6 by Popels, 6 by van Hoÿ associated with Offenbeck for one or the other of them, 2 by van Stieen, 2 by Lauwers, 1 by Krüger and 1 by Clasers. + 3 engravings cut out of another work. The "Theatrum Pictorium" or The Theater of Painting is the title of a book published in 1660 by the painter David Teniers the Younger on behalf of his employer, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria: it is the catalog of the 243 Italian and Flemish paintings belonging to the collection of the Archduke (out of a total of more than 1300 paintings), illustrated with engravings. A second edition was published in 1673. Teniers employed a team of 12 engravers to reproduce the 243 paintings in the "Theatrum Pictorium". He made small oil copies of each of the paintings, about 17 by 25 centimeters, from which the engravers worked. Among the 12 engravers, five in particular contributed to this editorial enterprise: Jan van Troyen, Lucas Vorsterman, Pieter van Lisebetten, Theodor van Kessel and Coryn Boel.
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