• Sold 550 € le 2 octobre 2021
    Sold 550 € le 2 octobre 2021



If you have any books or other items you'd like us to sell at our next auction, please make an appointment with us.



We draw up a deposit slip listing your items for sale at public auction.


Our commission is 15% of the winning bid.
We do not charge any fees for unsold lots.


The proceeds of the sale will be paid by bank transfer within no more than 30 days after the auction.


If deposited items are withdrawn before the auction, they will be charged for.
Unsold lots must be recovered, within thirty days of the auction, at your earliest convenience, from 24 rue Henri Marichal, 1050 Brussels.


DEPOSIT YOUR ITEMSWe draw up a deposit slip
listing your items for
sale at public auction.

SELLINGOur commission is
15% of the winning bid.
We do not charge any
fees for unsold lots.

PAYMENTThe proceeds of the sale will be paid by bank transfer within 30 days of the auction.


1 - The depositor is the natural person or legal entity who commissions the A & E MOREL de WESTGAVER -Livres & Curiosités- to sell an item at a public auction. He shall communicate all useful information relating to his identity (ID, passport, bank details, landline and/or mobile phone number, etc.).

2 - The depositor shall guarantee that he is the owner of the items offered for sale and that they are free of all charges, liens, classification measures or any other obstacles. The depositor undertakes to compensate the Auction House and the buyer for any damages (including legal assistance costs) that they may incur as a result of recourse or actions against them based on the absence of ownership of the property or any charge, lien, classification measure or hindrance affecting it. The depositor shall be liable to the buyer for any lack of compliance or latent defect in the property offered for sale, to the exclusion of the Auction House.

3 - The Auction House reserves the right to accept or reject the goods offered by the depositor. It shall also have full discretion to decide on the description of the item, as well as its possible placement in a catalogue, advertising, the date of the sale, the order of the sale and the way in which it is conducted. It also reserves the right to group items of little value into lots. It may under no circumstances be held liable to the depositor for any omissions, errors or mistakes in the description or estimate made.

4 - When depositing the items, the depositor shall be required to complete a deposit slip correctly and truthfully and to sign it.

5 - Where applicable, the depositor shall indicate on the deposit slip a reserve price below which the item may not be auctioned. This reserve must be accepted by the Auction House, which may refuse it. If the item does not reach the agreed reserve, the Auction House can put the item back on sale by automatically reducing the reserve by 30% to 50%, unless the depositor has taken the item back in the meantime. A statement of sale shall be sent to the depositor within 5 working days of the auction.

6 - Any unsold item must be taken back by the depositor within 8 working days of the auction session. Any lot not collected within this period may either be put back on sale by the Auction House or be subject to storage costs of €5.00 per day and per lot.

7 - The depositor undertakes to deposit his items in the premises of the Auction House. The transport of the items to the Auction House shall be at the expense and risk of the depositor, even when the Auction House is responsible for carrying out or having said transport carried out. Unsold lots must be taken back by the depositor within 30 days after the sale. After this period, the Auction House shall assume only an obligation of means with regard to their safekeeping, as these goods are no longer covered by its insurance. After a period of three months from the sale, the Auction House may sell the lots to the highest bidder in order to cover the costs incurred.

8 - Except in the case of intentional gross negligence, and unless expressly agreed otherwise, the Auction House cannot be held liable for the risks associated with the deposit and exhibition of the entrusted goods.

9 - The depositor may not recover the item put up for sale before it is auctioned without the prior, express consent of the Auction House and subject to the payment of costs assessed at 15% of the high estimate.

10 - The Auction House never undertakes a commitment beyond the obligation to remit to the depositor the value of the auctioned item, after deduction of a commission of 15% on the total price thereof (including VAT). Furthermore, in all cases where the Auction House could be held liable, for whatever reason, this shall be limited to the amount of the commission received.

11 - Payment to the depositor may be made in cash (except when the value exceeds €3,000.00, inclusive of all taxes and charges) by cheque or by transfer, after the expiry of a period of 30 working days from the final auction. Payment shall be made only if the item has been paid for by the buyer. In the event of non-payment by the latter for whatever reason, the depositor may only claim the return of the item, to the exclusion of any other compensation, whereupon the Auction House shall waive its commission. Payments are always made from the head office of the Auction House.

12 - The depositor shall not be entitled to bid on an item that he has put up for sale, either in person or through any intermediary whatsoever.

13 - The depositor shall be required to provide the Auction House with all information relating to the intellectual property rights of the items deposited. He alone shall be responsible both to the holders of intellectual property rights and to third parties for the conformity of the information provided.

14 - Personal data shall be processed solely by the Auction House. They shall not be passed on to third parties. The data controller shall be A & E MOREL de WESTGAVER -Livres & Curiosités-, 24 Rue Henri Marichal, CBE 0832157952. The persons having access to these data shall be the members of the staff of Auction House. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992, the depositor shall have the right to access data concerning him, and to have them rectified or deleted. His personal data shall be collected for the purposes of customer management of the Auction House, including its direct marketing (e.g. announcements of future sales and events that it organizes). The depositor shall have the right to oppose the use of his data for direct marketing purposes, at any time, free of charge and upon simple request.

15 - Any dispute that may arise between the parties shall be settled exclusively in accordance with Belgian law. It shall be settled exclusively by the French-speaking courts of the judicial district of Brussels and, if necessary, by the Justice of the Peace of Ixelles.

16 - Except in the case of gross and intentional misconduct or fraud on the part of the Auction House, the latter may under no circumstances be held liable, directly or indirectly, for any type of damage, which is in any way the consequence of access to and/or use of the Auction House services by the Depositor.

17 - Unless expressly waived in writing, these general terms and conditions shall take precedence over any terms and conditions of the Depositor.