[JANSENISM] [Laurent-François BOURSIER &... - Lot 410 - Morel de Westgaver

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[JANSENISM] [Laurent-François BOURSIER &... - Lot 410 - Morel de Westgaver
[JANSENISM] [Laurent-François BOURSIER & CHRISTOPHE COUDRETTE / CHARLES CLÉMENCET / HILAIRE DUMAS / NICOLAS FONTAINE / NICOLAS GUDVER ]- A collection of 5 works on Jansenism and Port-Royal. - Laurent-François BOURSIER & Christophe COUDRETTE] - Dissertation on the bulls against Baius, where one shows that they are not received by the Church. Utrecht, at the expense of the Company, 1737. 2 volumes bound in 1 volume in-8, 160 x 100 mm, contemporary calf, five-ribbed spine, title-piece (upper jaw split). [2], x, 318; 310 pp. - Charles CLÉMENCET] - Histoire generale de Port-Roïal. From the reformation of the abbey to its complete destruction. Volume I [- tenth]. Amsterdam, Jean Vanduren 1755-1757. 10 volumes in-12, 171 x 100 mm, contemporary brown calf, spines with five raised bands, title and giblets (bindings in poor condition, jaws of T. I cracked, parts of t. or tom. pages missing, cappings torn off, spotting). - Hilaire DUMAS] - History of the five propositions of Jansenius. Liège, Daniel Moumal, 1699. In-12, 160 x 95 mm, contemporary brown calf, five-ribbed spine, title-piece (top cover torn off. [32], 654, [2] pp. First edition long mistakenly attributed to Michel Le Tellier. BSJ 7, 1917. - Nicolas FONTAINE - Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de Port-Royal, et à la vie de la reverende mere Marie Angelique de Sainte Magdeleine Arnauld reformatrice de ce monastere. Utrecht, at the expense of the Company, 1742. 3 volumes in-12, 170 x 95 mm, brown calf of the period, spine decorated with five nerves, title and tomaison parts (epidermures and scratches, torn off caps). [4], xx, 611, [1 bl.]; [4], 610, [11], [1 bl.]; [4], 617, [1] pp. Browning, traces of wetness in T. II. - Nicolas GUDVER] - The Unigenitus Constitution, with remarks and notes. Augmented with the system of the Jesuits opposed to the doctrine of the propositions of father Quesnel, & a parallel of this system with that of the Pelagians. Paris, s.n., 1733. In-12, 165 x 90 mm, contemporary brown calf, five-ribbed spine, title page. [1], [1 bl.], 59, [1 bl.], 221, [1 bl.] pp. Barbier, t. 1, col. 733. Paper browned in places, some faint rings of wetness. TOGETHER 16 VOLUMES, WORKING COPIES.
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