TOPOGRAPHIC VIEWS. Belgium, Netherlands,... - Lot 461 - Morel de Westgaver

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TOPOGRAPHIC VIEWS. Belgium, Netherlands,... - Lot 461 - Morel de Westgaver
TOPOGRAPHIC VIEWS. Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy. About 70 pieces. 17th-20th century. Various sizes and techniques, in sheets. Sometimes fixed on a support. - 37 engravings from the XVIIth or XVIIIth century, cut out of different works. Various sizes. Belgium, Holland, one or the other plate of Valenciennes. - PERELLE - 8 illustrated engravings of landscapes. Drevet, Pierre Mariette, N. Poilly, Le Blond. Etchings, various sizes. 5 fixed on cardboard, the others flying. Scattered foxing, traces of wetness on 1 burnished print. - V. JAFFEI - Prospetto della Basilica e Piazza Lauretana, ed annesso Palazzo Apostolico, veduta della casa di Loreto. Ca. 1828. Etching in black. - Giovan Battista FALDA - Chiesa Dedicata a Sant'Ignacio. Roma, Gio Jacomo Rossi. Etching. - 4 views of Antwerp. Various techniques, sizes and periods. Including an engraving after Rubens, "Les amusemens sur l'escaut pres d'anvers pendant l'hiver de l'année 1776" by [Ignace Joseph van den Bergh]. - Switzerland. 8 pieces XIXth. Various techniques and conditions. - 6 unsigned plates of Italian costumes, in watercolor. - 2 watercolors XXth c. of italian landscapes. - LAMBLOT - 2 woodcuts XXes, justified of which The bridge of Avignon. - Lucien GAUTIER - Engraving. 19th c. A bridge in Paris. ABOUT 70 PIECES, VARIOUS CONDITIONS.
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