[PRESS] PRESS PHOTOS. Lot of 16 pieces from... - Lot 129 - Morel de Westgaver

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[PRESS] PRESS PHOTOS. Lot of 16 pieces from... - Lot 129 - Morel de Westgaver
[PRESS] PRESS PHOTOS. Lot of 16 pieces from different agencies. Personalities, events... 1 : Anti-Japanese demonstration in Washington. Brussels, Photo "Actualit", n.d. 2: Arrival of the head of the Coptic Church, Abuna Kirril Los, in Rome. Brussels, "Actualit", n.d. 3: "Young lioness. Price 2000 Frs. V.A.T. included". André Baranyi, 8/1/71 Tear, crumpled photo. With this mimeographed comment on verso "Never seen before... It is now too late to buy lions without V.A.T.". 4: Maurice BRANGER - "the King and Queen of Spain leave the Hotel Meurice to go to the Gare du Nord" from where they will travel to England. Handwritten caption and photographer's wet stamp on verso. 5: "17.4.12 The eclipse in Paris. An impromptu hawker smoking pieces of glass to sell to passers-by." M. Rol. Mimeographed caption and stamp on verso. Tears. 6: View of Haihow, the main city on the Japanese-held island of Hainan, during the Pacific conflict. Brussels, Graphopresse, 8.12.41. Printed agency notice, German censor's authorization stamp on verso. 7: "Queen Helena of Italy visits a childcare exhibition in Rome. Brussels, "Actualit" 1937. 8: "The Capture of Bersheba by the Israel forces... The Battle for Palestine..." Keystone Photo, 3-11-48. 9: "King Zogou resists Italy. A recent photo of King Zogou, who did not accept Italy's conditions." Brussels, Graphopresse, Lég. passée. 10: "Royal fiancés. - King Zog of Albania with his future wife the Hungarian countess Geraldine Apponyi; on the left the king's sister Princess Myzegen." Press clipping pasted on verso over agency name. 11: "Il ritorno in patria del vicere' dell' Etiopia, Generale Badoglio. L'incontro con S.A.R. il Principe di Piemonte allo sbarco a Napoli. Roma, Foto "Vedo". On verso the label of the SADO, Service auxiliaire de documentation, Brussels. 12: King Peter II of Yugoslavia. S.l.s.n., ca. 1937. 13: "Paris. Les obsèques de S.A.I. le grand Duc Cyrille de Russie... LL.AA.RR. le Prince et la Princesse Bourbon de Parme...". Brussels, Photo "Dede", 7-10-1938. 14: "A queen who loves fishing..." Paris, Fulgur, ca. 1935. The "Queen Mother", Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon, then Duchess of York. 15: Crown Prince Umberto of Piedmont on a hunt near Naples. Brussels, Photo "Dede". 16: Prince Bernhard of Lippe at the wheel of his car. Brussels, Sadofoto. ATTACHED: 6 photographs, various periods and subjects. TOGETHER 22 PIECES.
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